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Who the heck are you! These few phrases above are sequential to a fight in Nigeria which might cause you nothing or cause you great suffering. But this here is not threatening..ok maybe not yet, so stay calm and find out who the hell is Blades?

So Blades? Why are you called /Blades?

I am Adebayo Mayowa Ebenezer, but fondly called Blades. This website would be a valise for personal things that excites me, including travels, photos, books, sarcasm,  food, my writing, engineering and time travel . When I am not taking good pictures or writing articles, then I am facing some day to day Engineering problems, minding my business and sipping a cup of tea. Founder of Naidrenalin Adventures and a monthly contributor to guardian newspaper and other magazines. I am an adrenaline junkie, always looking for something thrilling and new to try at any point. This blog is one of them.

So back to the original question-/BLADES. This nickname came from my “quicky-witty” mouth, which warns you to be careful not to offend me lol. At such moment-‘Do you know who I am?‘ is a threat. My words would cut deep into you, so yes I can be that professional a**hole too. Aside from that, I come to the door of your heart with a rich sense of humour.

Knock Knock, who is there?


Egg who?

Eggcited to meet you 🙂

Ok that was dry. But welcome to my space 🙂 So excited to have you here.