A city shows itself at night. For some of us, a walk around a city is the best way to experience it, and the best time for such a walk is in the evening.

The nightlife of Lagos Island is beautiful and more imaginative than you know. Around 6:30 pm, when the sun had begun to set, we started our evening walk around Lagos Island, where we exchanging intellectual talks on its history between the flashes of strobe lights. Our journey began at Balogun Market, and we ended up taking a long walk to freedom at Freedom Park.

Here’s a guide to a good evening stroll around the “real” Lagos Island:

See the skyscrapers

Walking on Broad Street. Photo: Tayo Aina Film

Start your walk on Marina Street and get dwarfed by the huge office skyscrapers. Let the chill sea breeze cool off your sweat. The magnificent view of night ships at Apapa is an evening blessing.

Get a snack

Rumour has it that Tastee Fried Chicken along Broad Street has the best nuggets in Lagos. Grab a bite as you continue your walk. Also, opposite First Bank lies one of the most recommended Amala joints here.

Go Brazil!

Inside the Holy Cross Cathedral

On the Island sits well-preserved 19th-century Brazilian styled buildings built by former returnee slaves. Some places to visit are St Gregory, The Holy Cross Cathedral, Tantalizers and Water House. A quick Google search of their history before the walk will help in appreciating them better.

Go skating

Outside the walls of Freedom Park. Photo: Ola Taiwo

On the way to Freedom Park is a small community of board skaters that have sprung up. Watch them and, if you’re adventurous enough, take part.

Long walk to freedom!

Freedom Park. Photo: Ola Taiwo

You must be tired now. End your day at the Freedom Park, a former colonial prison-turned-concert venue. Dance to the sound of music. There is always an event every weekend at Freedom Park.

Things to note:

• The best time to take this walk is around 6:30 pm when it’s quieter and less rowdy.
• Go during the weekend when most offices are closed.
• This walk takes about two hours with the stops, gist and taking of photos.
• Dress light.

Things to go with:

• A co-“waka waka”.
• Power bank to charge your phone.
• A camera.
• A music player, like your phone or a Bluetooth speaker.
• Credit card or cash.
• A form of identification in case policemen stop you.

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