When my friends see pictures from my adventure trips, the first thing they ask are questions that are most times shocking. An adventure can be frightening or it can be great. It can cause pain, or produce joy. It can end badly or well. But you never experience an adventure unchanged.

In fact, adventure is all about change. It’s about growth, and growth is the core of life. Read on as we bust the top five myths about adventure travel in Nigeria.

Myth 1

Adventure is stupid and a waste of time”Did you really travel that far to see just a mountain? Ordinary mountain? Do you have a day job?” Everything in life is all about making plans and time for what you love. Adventures build confidence and make you challenge yourself more each time.

Once life is looking clumsy, find an opportunity to go somewhere new where you can immerse yourself into nature. You may get renewed and energised after travelling through a place and looking up to the hills you have conquered.

Myth 2

Adventure is expensive A trip to the summit of Everest is about $30,000 (N10,785,000) and Kilimanjaro should be about $4000 (N1,438,000). But you can visit amazing spots in Nigeria for close to nothing.

In the last six months, I have travelled to over 10 tourist spots in Nigeria, spending less than N200,000 in all my trips (feeding and transport inclusive).

Travelling with a group is always cheaper, thanks to discounts on transportation and hotel accommodation. Also, when work-related activities take you to new places, find time to explore what the state has to offer.

Camping in Osun state. Photo: Adedotun Ajibade

Myth 3

Adventure is for white people. That got me laughing when a friend said that. Like seriously? Our ancestor trekked to farms, sometimes 20km far away from the village. Is that not Hiking? That the white men have now made it a lifestyle, does that make it theirs?

Biko shift let me hike!

Myth 4

Adventure travel is dangerous and risky When you get to your destination, find a local who will take you around. Be polite and tip them. Adventure travel is only as extreme as you make it out to be. Adventure is also relative. You don’t have to try extreme stuff like jumping out of a jet, feeding sharks at River Mississippi or taunting angry bulls in Spain. That is not for everyone.

Myth 5

Adventure travel needs fitness. “I can’t hike. My body size won’t let me. Adventure is for athletic people.” As far as your doctor doesn’t say certain adventure means risking your life, you don’t need to be too fit or athletic to give it a try. Your body size should even be more reason for you to go hiking

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